I just bought the BA II PLUS financial calculator for my financial management class and I dont really understand the user manual.

So for example, a collectionnor buy a painting for 2 million dollars and he think that in 5 years, he can sell it 4 million, How do I find the discount rate with the calculator?

I know How to find it when I write it down but I’m searching a quicker way with the calculator…

Thank you for your help!
I tried as you said but it gave me a error message (Error 5) ???

Doggie day care?
laundry mat?
any others thank you

Hypothetical question

If one person, like a daily trader can make about 5% profit a month in buying and selling many stocks, decides to open an investment office, wich people would deposit money in his company and he would buy and sell stocks under his business.

Let’s say he has 10 clients who deposited $100,000.00 in total, and he made 5% profit in one month.

It is legal for him instead of earning comission or other fees from customers, get, let’s say about 3% of the profits and give the remaining 2% for the clients?

I just passed my series 7 and wanted my family and I to move to Utah but was told that I wouldn’t be successful because the people there try to do things more on their own financially, rather than seeking help from investment companies. Does anyone have any experience with this?