I understand that T-Bills are great to buy, though possibly not in this economy. What are some great small time investments to do with less than $1000, possibly just $200 or so? I know that is a very small start, but I was wanting to start investing at a small slow rate.

I am residing in Nigeria, but I wish to invest in an investment company that is more profitable and save in US or UK. Where by I will be entitled to monthly returns into my Nigeria bank account.

Any good short-term investment strategies? How about Forex? stocks? Prosper?

c.If the price of the stock goes up to $64, what is the return of the investment?
d.If the price of the stock goes down to $52, what is the return of the investment?

I’ve been with a business opportunity for awhile that has a higher start up capital than some new businesses online today. I make $1000 on a $2000+ sale, so obviously my sales have dwindled because there aren’t that many people out here who CAN spend $2000 on a new business. I do know one of the best ways to improve sales is to offer incentives and I had thought about giving new prospects a percentage of MY commissions. Any ideas anyone?