I understand that T-Bills are great to buy, though possibly not in this economy. What are some great small time investments to do with less than $1000, possibly just $200 or so? I know that is a very small start, but I was wanting to start investing at a small slow rate.

On 25-03-2006 Rs. 50,000.00
On 30-03-2007 Rs. 50,000.00
On 15-04-2008 Rs. 50,000.00

I got a total gain of Rs. 45,000 from the investment scheme. I want to calculate the average yearly interest I received and the calculations. Please provide formulae also.

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999.The act was written by Republicans Phil Gramm and James Leach and hidden in a larger appropriations bill that was signed by Clinton. Phil Gramm went on to work as a lobbyist for one of the biggest banks that benefited from the deregulation the bill created. Now, he is John McCain’s economic advisor.

First I would like to say that I am looking for a trustworthy mentor who has peoples best interest at heart. I am a young ambitious 18 year old who desires to live financially free. I have researched about the market. I have watched CNBC daily instead of watching mtv. I have read Rich Dad Poor Dad which was a very influential book which I think triggered my thirst for financial independence. I now am determined to increase my financial intelligence. I have read stock investing for dummies and I am currently reading ‘the only investment guide you’ll ever need – Andrew Tobias. (I am aware that in the road of investing you must continue to learn new things because in todays era, change is common. So the title is by no means represents my frame of mind.) Anyways I really just would like to ask someone specific, detailed questions about certain steps I should take on this path. No questions like should I buy or sell in this company? But just questions on strategies, techniques, in maximizing your profit & legal ways to avoid paying a load on taxes, steps in opening an account, which online broker should I chose and so forth. The reason why is that no matter how many books I read (I plan to read a lot more) I need the guideness and I need the experience in this field in order to become successful. Anyone who is a expert on stock market, real estate, accouting, finance, management, marketing & sales, and taxes. I would like to establish a relationship and begin this journey towards financial freedom! I feel the need to take up someones mantel in a way, or carry on their legacy. Thank you, for your support, time and efforts. It is greatly appreciated.