I understand that T-Bills are great to buy, though possibly not in this economy. What are some great small time investments to do with less than $1000, possibly just $200 or so? I know that is a very small start, but I was wanting to start investing at a small slow rate.

I’ve been doing research on buying homes. I’ve never bought a home before. I have about $30,000 saved up to buy a house. I want to invest my money to buy a home, remodel it so I can sell for a higher price. I believe the term is I want to “flip” a house. I’ve been researching for the past few days. I’m really confused. I need “buying houses for dummies”, lol. And yes, I know I have to wait at least six months before reselling. I’m very patient. I can wait years for the market to increase the selling price. I’m in no hurry to sell, but I AM in a hurry to buy. Any advice, web links, phone numbers or anything at all would be great. THANKS!

how much should you invest in your first stock?

I am 18 years old and know nothing about stocks, mutual funds, etc. I live at home and have no real living expenses, so I want to take advantage of this and start investing early. I’m wondering how I can start putting my money to work for me. What are the first steps I should take? What accounts should I open? How can I invest in stocks without a 401k?

rental property investment strategy.
But I loss my job due to temporary contract and for the past two months I am not able to obtain a job.
I am broke, but I still have my dream.

Can anyone guide me towards my dream?
I am in Orange County, California.