I understand that T-Bills are great to buy, though possibly not in this economy. What are some great small time investments to do with less than $1000, possibly just $200 or so? I know that is a very small start, but I was wanting to start investing at a small slow rate.

Hello I am a Corporate Financing Broker I need a fund source from either Hedge Fund guys or Direct Investor (private money type thing) for public companies that are looking to get financing by utilizing thier stock on a discount for funds. Bottom line if you are a millionaire or a billionaire and serious in investing in small public OTC or BB I have deals that could be lucrative. Let me know if anyone have such an appetite.


I am interested in knowing what are some of the recommended books/readings on Financial Investments (small investor) for someone who is a novice/beginner?

I am looking for material that has good information on basics, but feel free to include stuff written by Warren Buffet and the likes.

- From your experiences what do you recommend ? It would be good to know the ‘why’ part too along with it.

- Additionally any online sites that provides good information on this topic would be helpful.

I am making a website on grocery home delivery, but I have no money to operate it. Where can I find a website where I can contact people who are interested in new business opportunities and that they invest in my business?

vestor wants everyone to go to or is it just pure profit taking by a large investor making “stop points” buying puts so that the market can fail to those points when they pull out, thereby making more profit?