I’m a 13 year old going into 8th grade this upcoming school year. our 8th grade class is going on a Worldstrides field trip to Washington DC and New York City. This Costs about 1000 dollars, but i only have to pay 400 (my parents are paying to rest) i also would like to buy a new ipod nano (my old generation is broken). i have to pay for the whole thing. this will cost from 150 to 200. Any Money Making ideas to make 550 to 600 dollars?

Why would you want to see everything disappear before your eyes before you croke?

there are 2 people in the world. the rich and the poor. the rich have their own way of fashion, rich friends, latesh trend fashion, hot babes and so complicated mentality.they r some ppl who are like dnt give a dmn persons and other too shy to do anything intersting and others are actually are gays. other side, poor, they have their enjoyment in thier style. I am in between them, like i am rich..am really. dad and mom in america and me in india for studies. I hve made poor or to say local people as my friends but recently rich can have fun in thier own way and can have some good girlfriends but the real question is that…Which person is better for me ? hey really this is not a smart question but I want to know ? Should I talk with rich people again but If I had done that I feel like they are stupid and ass when compared to poor cause they are happy where they are…so tell me ? I am now in good touch with both of them. if this questions sucks just dont asnwer and no silly comments to