I understand that T-Bills are great to buy, though possibly not in this economy. What are some great small time investments to do with less than $1000, possibly just $200 or so? I know that is a very small start, but I was wanting to start investing at a small slow rate.

I work for a investment company but I work for one of their branches and we have no type of insurance of any type. why?

Any books on small business ideas?

I have read 101 small business idea under $5000, Small Business for Dummies, etc. I am not looking for books on small business operation. I thought a lot, but cant figure out what business to start. I have little or no capital, location is Bangladesh. I thought of tutoring, but I would like to know a book, that would help with giving me ideas.

I am interested in knowing what are some of the recommended books/readings on Financial Investments (small investor) for someone who is a novice/beginner?

I am looking for material that has good information on basics, but feel free to include stuff written by Warren Buffet and the likes.

- From your experiences what do you recommend ? It would be good to know the ‘why’ part too along with it.

- Additionally any online sites that provides good information on this topic would be helpful.

Computer savvy, Sous-Chef who doesn’t have time to get a part time job because I also take care of my Mother with Cancer, so I was wondering if a part time computer job of some sort could help? All suggestions, opinions and opportunities are welcome! Thanks for your time, answers and Merry Christmas to you and your families!